“Skoped Vision is a game changer, as I am a huge advocate for sharing your memories from the field. I love the fact that you can record and still have full unobstructed view into the scope.”
- Justin Wegner, Hunting Product Guru

“Welcome to 2018 and the 21st Century!”
- Corey Wardrop, The Firearm Blog TV

“Us at Rokslide can see great uses for this such as teaching your kids to shoo as well as confirming the shooter is on the correct animal.”
- Robby Denning, Rokslide

“Not only is this good for bragging rights, but it can also be used as a helpful training aid. You can look back at old videos to see where you are going wrong, or more advanced shooters can use it to train those who are perhaps struggling to hit their mark.

Sure, it helps to record video in a spotting scope to see the impact of the rounds sent down range, but now you can record your actual sight picture and analyze your point of aim vs point of impact.” - Nicholas Chen, GunMagWarehouse.com “There are numerous implications for this technology including instruction, broadcasting to a nearby television, recording HD video and sound, or broadcasting online.”

- Bugout Videos

“But what interested me most was the universal rifle scope adapter, which allows you to use your phone to collect video while you shoot, without interfering with your normal view through the scope.”
- Russ Chastain, Alloutdoor.com
“For us journalists that write about long range shooting being able to record and present our data is very important. If you have a high degree of skill and do something extraordinary with a cheap rifle, I have found that people tend to doubt your results. Having a Skoped Vision adapter recording creates another level of integrity. I think that Hunters that want to re-live the excitement of a hunt would also find this product appealing.”
- Thomas Gomez, GunsAmerica.com

“Skoped vision is hands down a game changer in not only the hunting industry, but the shooting industry in general. I have been on board with Phone Skope for 3 years now and their products are game changers for me and my outfitting business. And now with the introduction of Skoped Vision, I can set up the system on my client’s rifles and any questionable shots from now on can be reviewed from the shooters perspective instead of a bystander. In my personal life, now I can go to the range by myself to sight a rifle in and with the simple stop and start recording, I can see where each one of my shots hits. I am a full believer in Skoped Vision and Phone Skopein general. If all of my employees use it, then you should be using it too!”
- Kyle Lopez - President/outfitter KB Outdoors Inc.
“The first time i took a look at the Skoped Vision platform my mind was blown! The field of vision and clarity is loss-less, it’s super easy to use, the recording quality is flawless, and it’s a UNIVERSAL ADAPTER that doesn’t interfere with your sight picture!!! This platform has a about a million applications and is perfect for anyone looking to capture the shot on that record bull, zeroing in your 6.5 creedmoor, hitting that 1000+ yard steel gong, ripping through a USPSA PCC division stage, or crushing a 3 gun match… Trust me guys and gals, you gotta get one of these things... When i say this is the next big thing to hit the outdoors and shooting industry, It is!!! Hands down one of the coolest and most innovative things I’ve seen in a long time!”
- Brandon Dunham, @_the_Tactical_Hipster_