Hello from all of us at Phone Skope. In 2019 we released an entire new program to support our brothers
and sisters that put their lives on the line daily for us. We aim to make your job safer and easier to
manage by using your cell phones, go pros, or tablets to catch video, train, and take pictures to assist in
your job.

Never has it been easier to catch high res video and pictures to use in court, or train members of your
department or unit. We aim to support you and help in any way possible and look forward to helping
you understand our products and how they can help you.

Please reach out directly if you have any questions regarding the products, or need help understanding
how to make them fit your specific needs.

Utilizing our adapters makes it easier to teach and educate shooters to measure and engage targets. Imagine having to take a split second shot and the shooter knows the exact range and size, all because of the training and education these products have helped provide.


Wind is the ultimate adversary when teaching snipers or long range shooters. The ability to record, trace and show your shooters the drift is priceless when learning to properly read wind at the shooter's position and at the target.

In narcotics, surveillance, and other situations where you need to watch a target let Phone Skope step in and help. Our adapters can assist in evidence gathering and in supplying feedback to command. Our products have made it easier for different units to collaborate with one another. It can also assist in interacting with specific targets and individuals.


In a sniper or overwatch position the Skoped Vision provides invaluable intel to the spotter and can even help provide information back to the command post. Skoped Vision allows your snipers to watch the target all while uploading video or photos back to command.

When training new snipers or shooters Skoped Vision helps cut training time down dramatically. The ability to show your students bullet trace, wind drift, and drop all while training on the range has never been easier. Let Skoped VIsion help you show your students in real time exactly what to look for.


Our Skoped Vision setups come in various configurations. From the Gen 2 Universal shown in the photo to our new PVS-14 adapters for night vision and thermal devices, there’s a fit for every need.

The new Skoped Vision Pro bolts straight to your optic making it more secure than ever to use. We also have an option for a Pic Rail for your AR style rifles.

In today’s age where shootings are becoming more common, situational awareness is key. If you are on a stakeout and or in a blind, our special adapters provide a way for you to keep your eyes on target all while still being able to record for evidence gathering.


Sometimes when you look through a spotting scope or binos for extended periods of times it can lead to headaches and impaired vision when trying to focus. With the Skoped Vision setup you can keep your entire focus and vision on the mission at hand.

Review from Officer Matt Meyer

The Skoped Vision has become a valuable part of our training. As an LE sniper instructor I
provide instruction on what to do, but when it comes time for the guys to shoot, I can’t see what they
are seeing through their optics. With Skoped Vision this is now possible. I believe one of the most
important elements of training is focusing on recoil management. Being able to build a stable position
and follow through with the shot to make a good call is crucial for an LE sniper. Skoped Vision allows the
sniper and instructor to review the shot and evaluate wobble zone and the shooter’s recoil

Another area we use Skoped Vision is in engaging movers. Training new shooters on movers can
be frustrating and Skoped Vision helps simplify that process. The instructor can shoot the mover and
review the video with the students to review proper tracking or trapping techniques. If your range is
equipped with an A/V system, the image from your phone attached to the Skoped Vision can be sent to
an Apple TV equipped monitor so the student or instructor can monitor footage in real time.