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Rifle Scope Camera Mount

When hunters head outdoors to bag their next big trophy, they all hope to bring home more than an impressive kill. They want a great story about the hunt. The trouble with stories, and especially hunting stories, is that parts of the experience may be forgotten. Listeners can’t get a feel for the heart-pounding moments, and, while telling a story may transport people to the event, they can’t see or experience it for themselves. From the time of the kill to the moment of sitting around and swapping stories, so much can get lost in translation or be misremembered. But what if there was a way to show others the whole experience? What if hunters could watch their proudest moment over and over, never missing a detail? It sounds like an impossible dream, but, thanks to Phone Skope, it is now a reality.

Phone Skope has made a revolutionary device that can safely, easily, and conveniently attach a camera or smartphone directly to a rifle scope. This allows hunters to get incredible photos or videos of every moment of their hunt. There is so much more to the rifle scope camera mount than meets the eye. Learning about the many functions and features of this impressive device will leave no doubt that having Phone Skope videos of hunting highlights is the newest way to swap hunting stories.

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About the Company

Phone Skope is a Utah-based company focused on making custom-molded, precisely engineered smartphone digiscoping adapters. The two-part product system is interchangeable and will attach nearly any phone or GoPro to most available optics. Phone Skope has made it possible for people with many different hobbies to capture their craft in a new and exciting way. There is no longer a need to buy individual devices for viewing and capturing things like hunting excursions, astronomical occurrences, natural landscapes, and even organisms viewed by microscopes. Phone Skope has revolutionized many different industries with their innovative and well-made products.

About the Product

The rifle scope device mount by Phone Skope is a two-part system which connects smartphones and GoPro cameras directly to rifle scopes. The two-part system consists of a Phone Skope phone case and the optic adapter, which we call Skoped Vision. Skoped Vision makes it easy to turn nearly any rifle scope into an image-capturing powerhouse.

Phone and Camera Cases
Each phone and camera case is made specifically to fit the make and model of each device. This ensures that the device is snug in the case, the camera lens will be properly aligned, and there is nothing blocking the other functions of the device. Each case is made from nylon-reinforced ABS plastic for strength and durability. Most cases are available for shipment immediately from Phone Skope. On the off chance that Phone Skope does not make a case for the desired phone, there is a line of build-your-own-case or universal phone case kits available to purchase. This means that no one is exempt from experiencing the brilliance of a Phone Skope product.

Custom Optic Adapter
Part two in the two-part system is, of course, Skoped Vision. This is a mostly universal Rifle Scope Optic Adapter. While the phone and camera cases all fit by sliding or snapping the device into the case, the installation of the optic adapter will vary depending on the optic they are being used on. Most pieces are made from a durable ABS plastic or aluminum and all are made to fit safely onto the optic eyepiece. The optic adapters are created to fit snugly, hold onto the optic without damaging it, and allow for the largest viewing area possible from the device to the optic. This well-made and technologically advanced system will completely change the way users hunt. 

Purchasing a Phone Skope Mount

Before purchasing a Phone Skope rifle camera mount, it is important to know the make and model of the phone, camera, or other device being used as well as the make and model of the optic device. Since Phone Skope creates a product customized to the devices rather than a less reliable universal product, having the correct information about the devices before ordering is essential. Once the information is gathered, Phone Skope can be purchased either online or in store.

Order Online
The Phone Skope website has an easy to use Phone Skope Builder that will walk buyers through the steps of choosing the right Phone Skope product. The builder will guide users through a series of menus where they will select the type electronic device they need a PhoneSkope for and Skoped Vision, the rifle scope adapter. There is a helpful tutorial on the main page of the Phone Skope Builder that make picking the right product even easier to understand. Those who have questions during their time on the Phone Skope website can use the chat function to chat with or send a message to a Phone Skope representative. Buying a rifle scope phone mount on the Phone Skope website is a great, easy way to get this incredible product quickly.

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Setting up the System

Just as Phone Skope makes finding and purchasing the perfect product easy, they ensure that setup and use is a breeze, as well. The product is easy to use, quick to set up, and requires no special tools or advanced technical knowledge. The setup will depend on the type of device and optic used, but the installation for every device and optic is very easy to understand.

Custom Phone Skope Case
Putting a phone, camera, or other devices into the custom-made Phone Skope case is as easy as, if not easier than, attaching any other case. The device will either slide or snap into the case. It is important that the camera lens lines up with the lens opening on the case. The phone case should fit snug, without any movement or wiggle room. Devices should only fit into the case in one direction, so attaching the case is practically foolproof. 

Skoped Vision Optic Adapter
Skoped Vision is mounted using a custom-engineered half-mooned saddle that is contoured to fit round rifle scopes. The device features a ratchet and buckle mechanism that will complete the circumference around the rifle scope and tighten the adapter securely to the rifle scope.

Once the adapter and case are installed on the rifle scope, the case and device can be easily removed from the optic adapter. The optic adapter can then stay on the rifle scope eyepiece, allowing the user to look through the scope as normal. This means that the entire system does not need to be removed to use the scope and it only takes a few seconds to remove the phone or camera from the scope. Users are not stuck with having to choose between using their scope with the camera or alone since it is so easy to switch back and forth. This is one of the many amazing features of the Phone Skope rifle scope mounted camera.

Hunting with Phone Skope

While the Phone Skope product line can be used for many different things, being able to use a rifle scope camera mount to hunt is where Phone Skope really shines. This incredible technology connects a phone or camera directly to the rifle scope. This allows hunters to record what they’re looking at through the rifle scope without hindering the view directly through it. Also, hunters can capture everything they see through their rifle scope by taking video or photographs. 

Since the rifle scope camera and phone mount attaches to devices using an existing Phone Skope case, hunters can use this device with many different rifle scopes. This eliminates the need for having to buy multiple Phone Skope products for different scopes and rifles. With this incredible technology, hunters won’t miss a second of the action and can replay their greatest hunting moments over and over again. 

Hunters need not worry about Phone Skope getting in the way of important functions of their rifle. The design of the rifle scope device mount allows the bolt of most rifles to slide freely and all other mechanisms of the rifle to work as normal. Hunters can even look through their scope without having to remove the entire Phone Skope system. Not only will this rifle scope mount not interfere with hunting at all, it will add to the experience more than imaginable.

In addition to hunting, the Phone Skope optic adapter and device case can be used on different optic devices for a variety of activities. Some other uses for the Phone Skope Rifle Camera Mount and other Phone Skope Products include:

  • Scouting
  • Birdwatching
  • Landscape Photography
  • Digiscoping
  • Astronomy
  • Microscopy

The Phone Skope Difference

While there are a few competitors that create a product for digiscoping and other optic-centered activities, none can match the innovative design and features of the Phone Skope system. One look at the customer testimonials will make it clear that Phone Skope stands above the competition. 

Use Scope as Normal
Even when recording, hunters can look through their scope just as they would if they weren’t using the Phone Skope. This makes the learning curve for using this product virtually nonexistent. Hunters will not feel as though they are working around this device, but rather their hunt will be even easier and more enjoyable. 

Adjustable Eye Relief
Eye relief in a scope is the distance between the scope lens and the pupil. Different scopes and their users will require a different level of eye relief. The adjustable eye relief of the optic adapter allows hunters to adjust their eye relief to their specifications. This adjustment ensures that the view through the scope and the comfort for the hunter will be optimal.

Universal Usage
The universal nature of the optic adapter portion of the Phone Skope rifle scope phone mount allows users to attach the system to many different rifle scopes and other devices. This not only increases the usability of the product, but also makes Phone Skope a terrific value. It will save hunters a lot of money since they will not have to buy multiple devices for different scopes and activities.

Doesn’t Interfere with Rifle or Scope
Perhaps the most important feature of this product is the fact that it does not interfere with the use and function of rifles or scopes. Since the camera mount is adaptable to most bolt action rifles, the bolt will slide freely and the loading and firing of the rifle will not be interrupted. Because of the ability for the eye and the phone or camera to view the same image freely from each other, the function of the scope is not interfered with when using the rifle scope phone mount. The rifle, scope, and entire shooting experience will not be hindered in any way.

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Phone Skope Tips and Tricks

While using the rifle scope camera mount from Phone Skope is very easy to do, there are a few basic tips and tricks that can make the experience even more rewarding. By following these tips from the experts, photographs and videos captured through the rifle scope mount system will be treasured pieces of memorabilia from every hunting experience. Visit the Phone Skope tips and tactics page to view informative videos with even more great Phone Skope tips.

Minimize Movement
It is important to make sure that the device is snugly in place on the scope and there is no movement while taking pictures and videos. This can be achieved by tightening the optic adapter and device case as outlined in the instructions. Hunters should also try to keep the scope and rifle steady and avoid rapid movements while taking pictures and videos.

Practice Setup and Startup
Hunters would never go on a hunt without first testing and practicing with their rifle and other equipment. The same should be done for the Phone Skope. Hunters should practice attaching the optic adapter to the scope, connecting the device to the optic adapter, and getting the proper angles on each piece of equipment. Once setup and startup have been practiced a few times, using the product while on a hunt will be second nature.

Target Shoot with the Phone Skope
Since the Phone Skope does not interfere with the use of a scope, it isn’t hard to adjust from using a scope to using the camera mount. However, it is a great idea to take a few practice shots to get a feel for how hunting with the Phone Skope will be. This will help to prepare hunters for the stressful moments of the hunt.

Choose Gloves and Other Outerwear Wisely
When hunting in cold weather, hunters will have on extra layers and outwear, like gloves, that may interfere with how they can operate their devices. Using warm gloves that aren’t too bulky and gloves that allow for touchscreen use while wearing them is ideal. 

Upgrade to Phone Skope Today

The world of hunting is changing rapidly, and products like Phone Skope are leading the charge. Don’t get left behind in the ever-evolving technology for hunting. By purchasing a rifle scope mount camera from Phone Skope, hunters can show their buddies their fantastic hunt rather than just telling them about it. Leave others in awe as they watch the hunting play by play in action, captured by the most advanced and exciting scope gear available. Experience the many benefits of Phone Skope by ordering one today.